What do we do as an Ecommerce PPC service provider?

As an Ecommerce PPC management service agency with significant experience, we provide Ecommerce PPC services. Wherewith concerted efforts towards Social Media activity, we will add meaning to your Ecommerce website with the potential to sustain it. Our campaigns give you the unprecedented opportunity to add value to your point of increasing sales.

What is included in our Ecommerce Paid Search Services?

Learn how our Ecommerce PPC services can help you with your Ecommerce website’s traffic and sales. We provide you complete account ownership as well.

Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services

Improve your Ecommerce website sales today with our industry specific PPC services.

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Understanding your business and requirements

Firstly, our Ecommerce PPC expert will talk to you to understand your business and requirements according to the market. We will discuss with you things that need changes and have issues that need to be fixed.

Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services
Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services

Completing a Competitor Analysis

Upon accepting the order, our team will perform an in-depth analysis of other Ecommerce websites to find your competitors’ in the Ecommerce business. Our team will take a customized approach to create a strategy for your Ecommerce website.


Keywords Research

Our team will do keyword research for the products of your Ecommerce website. This research will include both short term and long term keywords while focusing on your goals for the short term as well as long term. We will identify and segment them into ad groups based on their relevance.

Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services
Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services

Writing Ad Copies

Next, we outline and create compelling —Keywords-driven PPC ad copies to help you increase engagements and conversions on your Ecommerce website. Our optimization strategies will put these ad copies in front of your target audience. They will be compelling enough to let your customer click them. We understand your product properly to create compelling ads to maximize click-through-rates.


Setting Up Campaigns

PPC campaigns are formulated by a proper PPC strategy, which we set according to the client’s objective, budget, intent, and A/B testing. We earn from you by producing profitable results for your Ecommerce business through these campaigns.

Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services
Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services

Managing Conversion Tracking

Our team will track the right metrics at a sufficient level to know both online and offline conversion rates. It will also tell us what keyword led to those conversions. Conversion rate tracking will help us to determine which ads keywords are generating the best return-on-investment.


Daily Campaign Management

The Ecommerce PPC campaigns will be managed by our best team to achieve higher traffic to your website and understand how the campaign is performing on different Social Media.

Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services
Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services

Negative Keywords Marking

On a going-forward basis, after reviewing daily, weekly, and monthly reports, we analyze which keyword is not working for your campaign. After analyzing, if any keyword which receives clicks but gives no conversions, our team will mark it as a negative keyword.


Cost Per Click Optimization

Paid optimization makes your investment pay off. Reaching to the potential customer is the main reason to use Cost-Per-Click Optimization. A CPC optimization is one of the most important qualities to consider while selecting any PPC management agency to work with for your campaigns. And our experts provide the best Cost Per Click Optimization.

Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services
Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services

Daily Reports(Clicks, Conversion, and Impression Report)

We will provide you daily reports of clicks, conversion, and impressions so that you can check your growth as well. It will help you to understand what is happening behind your campaigns.


Weekly & Monthly Reports

We send you weekly & monthly reports for clicks, impressions, and conversions along with an action plan moving forward. So that our PPC management partnership stays transparent, and you can check the performance. With these reports, you can adequately evaluate the success of your campaigns in terms of ROI and Ecommerce revenues.

Ecommerce-Marketing PPC Services

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How do we track PPC Metrics at Digital Capto?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) allows your Ecommerce business to meet the customer at their exact point of need, and with the right metrics, you can improve your campaigns and their performance.

Here are the metrics our team used to track:

Clicks It refers to the total number of clicks received on an ad campaign. This metric gets affected by the keyword selection and the relevance of the ad copy.

CPC It stands for Cost Per Click, which helps our team to measure the price paid by you for each click on the running ad campaign.

CTR It means Clickthrough Rate, and this metric is the percentage of the ad views that result in clicks. It also determines how much you pay (CPC).

Impression It refers to the number of times your ad is viewed on any Social Media platform. This metric helps our team to determine the Cost Per Mille (CPM) for every thousand impressions. Impressions are most important to check for business awareness campaigns.

Ad Spend this metric is referred to as the amount you are spending on your ad campaigns. Our team optimizes it by improving your Quality Score.

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) It is also known as ROI of the ad campaign, and it helps our experts to calculate the revenue received for every dollar you have spent on the ads.

Conversion Rate It is known as the percentage of potential customers that completes the call-to-action on the landing page of your Ecommerce website and becomes a lead of your product.

Cost Per Conversion It is the cost to generate a lead/customer, and it is calculated as the total cost of an ad divided by the number of conversions.

Quality Score It is an important metric to keep checking to determine the ad positioning.

Our team of experts pays close attention to all these metrics mentioned above as it helps to increase the ROI of any paid ad campaign and decrease the cost for better results.

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PPC, done right, is incredibly valuable for Ecommerce websites of all sizes who want to grow and be profitable. Customers love online shopping, and PPC ads can get website products discovered and sold out. With Ecommerce PPC management services, your Ecommerce store can use different Social Media platforms to get onsite traffic and increased volume of sales.

If you’re ready to start improving your Ecommerce website traffic and increase the volume of your sales.

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Around 65% of small-to-midsize businesses investing in Ecommerce PPC management for advertising; your Ecommerce business also needs a custom and competitive PPC strategy - especially to increase traffic and improve sales.

You need to invest in Ecommerce PPC due to these reasons:

  • To get more qualified traffic to your Ecommerce website
  • To receive a cost-effective advertising option
  • To work with an Ecommerce specialized agency
  • To generate more awareness about your Ecommerce business
  • To measure the results of your campaigns without any hust

It is a time-consuming process that can’t be completed with limited sources and time. We, however, are ready to take this responsibility in our hands to handle your Ecommerce PPC advertisements.

PPC might be the boost you are looking for in the Ecommerce website campaigns, and we have the best team - specialized in Ecommerce PPC management services. We don’t work for normal PPC requirements; instead, we only partnered with Ecommerce companies to provide Ecommerce PPC services as we have vast experience in that field.

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At Digital Capto, we understand the concept of choosing the provider to outsource any data and Ecommerce PPC management of your business. We know it takes time to analyze the service of providers and choose them to partner with for your company.

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