Why Choose Digital Capto as Your Ecommerce SEO Agency?

  • We specialize in Ecommerce Industry
  • Experienced, dynamic, and certified team of professional SEO experts
  • California Based Agency that knows your market.
  • Tailor-made strategies to attract your potential customers
  • 100% data-driven approach with month on month progress
  • Guaranteed and measurable return on investment
  • Weekly and monthly performance reports for evaluation
  • You 360° Digital Marketing Services at one place
  • 24/7 customer support

Do You know Your Ecommerce Website is competing with Amazon & Walmart’s Ecommerce SEO Services?

Your Ecommerce website is not just facing competition from hundreds of Ecommerce businesses but also from industry giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy. With such big brands competing for the same market space, it’s important for your Ecommerce business to partner with a seasoned Ecommerce SEO Company like Digital Capto.

Your Ecommerce business needs a focused Ecommerce SEO strategy to get a sustainable path forward to grow your online store while boosting on-site traffic and sales. Your Ecommerce website should also have content accurately sketched to reflect the guidelines of Google and must also include sales-friendly elements to help appeal and convince your potential customers.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

Our Ecommerce SEO Process


Complete Site Audit

During the initial phase, our team will present to you with a complete website audit of your Ecommerce Website. The audit will include what’s going well, the areas which need a change of approach, and the issues that need to be fixed instantly.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services
Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

Keyword Research

Upon accepting the order, our team will perform in-depth keyword research for your Ecommerce website. We will then generate keywords that define your goals, products, services, Geography, and customers. These will include both short term and long term focus (goals) for achieving both short term and long term results for your business.


Competitor Research

Based on your inputs, our team will perform thorough competitor research and find the right competitors for your Ecommerce business. These websites will be used as a model to create more pages, change contents, and add more keywords to the process as per requirements.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services
Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

On-Page Optimization

Our team will leverage our vast experience in the Ecommerce industry to search and create product descriptions and specs that boost your website ranking.


Off-Page Optimization

Our team will build links from highly reputed and trustworthy websites to improve your page ranking and authority. We strictly follow Google’s guidelines and our process is 100% White Hat.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services
Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

Analytics & Optimization

Every week, our team will conduct an internal analysis of your website’s performance and tweak it accordingly. This will be a constant process, which will ensure your website’s ranking and traffic improve day by day.


Report Generation

Every month, our team will email you a detailed report of our on-page and off-page SEO tasks and also the ranking report from Webmasters Tools. You can also demand a call if you wish for an explanation of the previous month’s progress and the plan for next month.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

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Our Ecommerce SEO Service On-Page Optimization process


Product Name & Meta Tag

Your product names & Meta tags should be able to tell about the specific product to both the customers and Search Engines. Our SEO experts can help you find the right search terms for your products and optimize your product name & Meta tags and descriptions accordingly to improve your Ecommerce search performance.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services
Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

Product Details/Specs

Other than explaining the product attributes and details to your customers, product specifications have a great role to fulfill in the Ecommerce SEO process. For instance, your potential customers have used words like ‘4G’ or “fast charging” when searching for a mobile phone similar to yours having specific features just like your product. Our experts will identify such keywords and optimize your product specs accordingly to improve your Ecommerce search performance and sales.


Product Description

The product description is the most important aspect when it comes to Ecommerce marketing. Google uses it to crawl pages, understand your brand, and rank your pages (products) accordingly. Our Ecommerce specialists will develop the right product descriptions that rank high on Google and other search engines and also improve your products’ conversion rate.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services
Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

Image & Other Media

Nowadays, potential customers look for product images, explanation videos, reviews, feedbacks, social media reach, and more metrics before buying a product. Our team can provide you suggestions when this is needed and also optimize your existing product images, videos, reviews, and testimonials to make your website rank better.


Internal Search (Tags & Categories)

Our team will suggest the right tags and categories (if required) improve not just internal search but also to implement cross-selling and up-selling concepts. Both are powerful sales concepts for any Ecommerce website, which can improve sales considerably.

Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services
Ecommerce-Marketing SEO Services

Call to Action (CTA)

Our team will also generate attractive and persuasive Call to Actions for your products to improve click rates, thereby boosting the website’s overall conversion rate.

Advantages of Choosing Digital Capto as your Ecommerce SEO Company

ECOMMERCE SPECIALIZATION : We have the required tools and infrastructure to develop Ecommerce strategies for almost all industry verticals. We have a proven track record of working with hundreds of different Ecommerce stores. Every Ecommerce business needs a bit of customization than others and therefore, it’s best to contact us to discuss your SEO requirements for your website.

EXPERIENCE: We have over 10+ years of experience in building custom Ecommerce SEO solutions for Ecommerce brands across the globe Our developers have the knowledge and required skill to develop different Ecommerce stores for different product/service companies.

360° DIGITAL MARKETING: At Digital Capto, a whole package of digital marketing is offered to you. Right from SEO optimization to PPC marketing to brand optimization and Google Ads creation, we have it all. You name it, and we have it to serve you.

24*7 Support: We thrive to provide the best Ecommerce SEO support round the clock. Our team is available to help you all the time. You can reach them via Email, phone, and Skype.

COMPREHENSIVE REPORTS: You must know how we are working with our SEO team for your Ecommerce website. It will help you to learn the process of how you are reaching your target audience. With our weekly, monthly, and yearly SEO reports, you will be able to analyze the results of our Ecommerce SEO strategies for your online store.

WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT: Our team will provide weekly keyword updates on search rankings to tell you weekly progress for a particular result.

MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT: We will update you about everything we do for your websites in a monthly report, right from what we have achieved and which areas have improved using proper figures and graphs.

WEEKLY LINK BUILDING REPORT: Each week, we shall send you a link building report so that you know the quality of the link we build for your Ecommerce website.

PERIODIC ON-PAGE SUGGESTIONS: We make sure to build a custom on-page Ecommerce SEO strategy to optimize your store brands and their products, categories, etc. We do it to get an increase in organic search for your products.

CONTENT MARKETING: We also provide quality content (researched text, images, tags, etc. to change your site into an authority page for other websites to link back to your website and let their audience know about you through their content.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (BASED ON THE PACKAGE SELECTED): We can also provide Social Media Marketing services to you, but it depends on the package you choose from us. Through social media marketing, you can effectively and one-on-one influence your followers to choose your products/services with creative and engaging posts and ads.

INTEGRATED ANALYTICS: We will integrate your application dashboard with Google Analytics so that you can constantly monitor the ongoing campaigns that we customize for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our SEO specialists will thoroughly analyze your Ecommerce website and provide you with a detailed SEO analysis report.
  • Upon acceptance of the project, our team will get a complete understanding of your business, products, pricing, competitors, market, and target customers, and then come up with the right set of keywords for promotion and engagement.
  • Once the keywords are approved by you, our team will fix all On-page and Off-page issues on your website.
  • From here, our team will help you select the right content, blogs, and more to improve your onsite traffic and conversion potential.
  • Once the on-page part is fixed, our team will help you creating authority links to enhance your website’s domain authority as well as SEO ranking.
  • Our team will analyze both On-Page & Off-Page progress every month and make tweaks as required to maintain constant progress.
  • Our team will update you on SEO progress with detailed on-page and off-page reports every month, and if required we will explain the same over call or video conference.

SEO is a comprehensive and complex process. It is hard to determine how soon your site will start ranking for the target audience. However, in general, the BEST SEO process takes approximately 3 months to start showing results from the date of implementation.

Ecommerce SEO is a process of making an online store gain maximum reach in front of the target audience by increasing its search visibility. The SEO enables the product you sell on your Ecommerce site to reach more niche customers when they search for your products on search engine result pages (SERPs) with relevant keywords.

In Ecommerce SEO, you need to create URLs and product descriptions, etc., to rank it on Google. However, on the other hand, in normal SEO, optimization is done using blogs, infographics, landing page optimization, Google Business optimization, SEM, etc.

At Digital Capto, we offer Ecommerce SEO Services only in the fields we specialize in, as you can see we don’t work for all Industries. Our team has vast understanding and expertise in handling different digital marketing and SEO processes for online businesses and e-stores.

By partnering with us, you will gain:

  • Access to the best expertise in the industry
  • A readymade Ecommerce SEO infrastructure
  • Hands-on experience handling websites similar to yours
  • Specialization in writing product description & specs according to customer search predictions
  • A pool of right strategies and the right resources to handle it
  • 100% California based local Ecommerce SEO Agency.
  • And more…